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No, maintenance is the same regardless of whether the floor is radiant/cooling or not.
Wood naturally develops its color journey, a sign of a real wood floor. Over time, even when the arrangement of the furniture is changed, the color differences become uniform and the contrasts weaken, however if the change is very evident it is possible to carry out a re-polishing or an oiling.
Collect water as if it were a normal floor.
Don't worry, in this case it is necessary to quickly collect or vacuum up all the water and ventilate the flooded area. If possible, activate dehumidification of the air conditioning. The floor could swell, however over time the wood will tend to return to its initial position (it can even take months). It is advisable to contact a professional to evaluate any interventions.
Blot up liquids with a cloth, spray the cleaner on the contaminated area and dry with a cloth.
As you will often read in our shop, oiled floors need constant ordinary maintenance and with quality products (no products that contain ammonia, alcohol, silicones, etc.). If you should see your parquet not very hydrated, it is possible to intervene with an oiling and then with ordinary maintenance with products that conform to the floor.
If you no longer like your old parquet, you can intervene in two ways:
  1. with a smoothing
  2. disassemble the old parquet to mount the new one or mount the new parquet on top
If your parquet is dirtier than usual, just wash it with a product that removes even the most stubborn dirt.
  • Do not use universal cleaners containing ammonia and/or alcohol .
  • Do not use plenty of water or steam mops to avoid damaging the paint and/or wood.
  • Even in the winter months, the relative humidity of the air must never be lower than 40%.
  • To clean the floor, use only microfibre or cotton cloths (if using specific products, it is essential to use the cloth recommended by the manufacturer).
  • Use only products recommended by the manufacturer and read the label carefully;
  • Remember to apply soft feet under the furniture to avoid annoying scratches.
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