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Oil finish

The Varnished

Ordinary maintenance:

daily cleaning.

  • Clean the entire surface with a vacuum cleaner equipped with felt pads or soft brushes .
  • Pour the maintenance product in the quantities indicated on the label into the mop or in a bucket with warm water and wipe with a well-wrung microfiber cloth (possibly in the direction of the wood)
  • Trampling is possible after drying .

Periodic maintenance:

it is used to hydrate the floor if it is very dehydrated (it can be done every 4-6-12 months, depending on the state of the floor).

  • Clean the entire surface with a vacuum cleaner equipped with felt pads or soft brushes
  • Spread the oil over the entire surface.
  • Trampling is possible after drying .

We recommend that you have this job done by a professional.

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